Would you like to make better compost?

Have you had some moments of compost frustration? Or perhaps you just feel things could be working a little better?

Are you the kind of person who likes just a few easy tips, and avoids all the scientific explanations? I can help! Pop your email down below and I'll send you a link to a pdf that covers the five most common questions I get asked about composting. It's perhaps not specifically addressing your unique questions, but may have some useful tips you haven't tried yet.

Get in touch if you have questions once you read through this short guide. You can find me at katrina@blueborage.co.nz or contact me through social media - you'll find all the links on my website www.blueborage.co.nz

Happy Soil Making,


PS: You might have to check your junk folder to confirm you are a real person submitting this request.
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