Just Three Things: Weekend Gardening
I was getting so overwhelmed by all the jobs in my garden each and every weekend, and decided it was time to find another way.

My solution was intentionally slowing down.

To stop trying to achieve a list that filled a page, and instead I pick just three things and no more. The trick to this is that I often get much more done, but it's not because it's on my list, but rather because it calls to me in the moment, and I respond with enjoyment, not obligation.

The other thing that really bugged me was that I would be in the middle of gardening, and suddenly wonder what the moon was doing, and if I was missing some vital job that ought to be done. Rushing inside, finding it buried underneath library books and other work often created a delay that I realised I could avoid by planning ahead.

And so the weekly task list was born, and soon after that the email sharing it with friends, customers and even total strangers.

If you'd like to join this list of weekend gardeners, then please feel welcome. I don't view it as a prescriptive guide telling you what to do, but more a conversational 'here's what I'm up to - what about you?' sort of exchange.

I'd love it if others also took the time to ponder what they enjoy doing in their garden, and had a relaxing time being creative.

My apologies that this is a little Auckland centric.... I find a weather forecast so very useful, and have gotten such positive feedback that I'm keeping it in.

The moon planting guide is relevant for all of New Zealand, but I think it differs by a few hours for Australia, and much more for other countries.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend - every weekend.

PS: Once you add your email address you need to go and check for a confirmation email, otherwise nothing will get sent.
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